The Athletic Kaizen Show

We are Super excited, Super Pump to start the show!!! Welcome...

The First time I heard the term Kaizen was about 30 years ago when I took my first Judo class, it was a term that my Sensei (teacher) would repeat over and over again during training.....

Then many years later I would hear it again when I was studying Business, and I was ready to become an entrepreneur => there was something about the meaning of Kaizen that made an Impact in the way I wanted to Build my Ideal Business.

Then i Would hear the same term with some of the professional fighters as how they approached training on a daily basis.....

And Now as part of the Podcast Show because lucky for us no one has used this on the Athletic way for a podcast!!!!

I know the Million dollar Question
What's Kaizen?
Kaizen => Its a Japanese Term meaning Change for the better or Continuous Improvement  => Mostly Used as a Business philosophy // Another meaning its part of the Japanese Ancestress Warrior Culture that has been passed on by generations.

Our Mission with this podcast it's Simple =>
#1) Make an Immediate Impact on our Listeners!!! => Via a Follow Up Action homework/ challenge/ Tips our members can apply immediately

#2) Help Our Member to Become their Best Version Ever!!!

#3) Apply Kaizen Daily=> by taking Daily Action and winning the day.

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